Wholesale Orders- UPDATED INFO

Posted by Tawnee Van Belle on

It's time for some updated wholesale policy changes. As much as I love seeing my candles and products in other stores I can't keep up with fulfilling wholesale orders and keep my website stocked. All to often I am pulling from my stores inventory to keep up and I just can't do that anymore. So with that being said I am going to start requiring all wholesale orders to complete their payments at the time of the order and must have a minimum order of 10 candles and 10 wax melts. Right now the only available products for wholesale are the 8oz matte black vessels as well as wax melts. As time goes on and a wholesaler becomes repeat or orders every month that list of products available to you will grow. If you have any questions or have a big event coming up where the traditional wholesale order won't meet your needs please feel free to reach out so we can work something out! 

Thank you and much love,

Tawnee Van Belle 

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